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Date range 1860/2015
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PVRL25
Date range 1709/2017
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PVRL27
Date range 1835/1915
Reference code PT/AHDVR/CIR/IABLH
Date range 1837/2017
Reference code PT/AHDVR/DIO/DVRL
Extractos do registo de baptismos, casamentos e óbitos.
Date range 1878/2013
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PALJ01
Date range 1933/1974
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PALJ02
Date range 1882/2016
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PALJ04
Date range 1923/2015
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PALJ05
Date range 1923/2009
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PALJ06
Date range 1911/2015
Reference code PT/AHDVR/PRQ/PALJ07